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Thank you for visiting our replacement heifer page!!! We are proud to offer for sale commercial, replacement quality heifers at all times. The majority of our heifers are Black Brangus and/or Brangus Baldies; however, periodically we will offer for sale other commercial crossbred heifers that also have Brahman influence, such as Braford and Beefmaster type heifers. We prefer heifers with Brahman influence because we feel they are most sought after as breeding females due to their hardiness, disease resistance, fertility, calving ease, and their milking and beef producing abilities.

The heifers we offer for sale are completely pre-conditioned: calfhood vaccinated (including brucellosis and blackleg), dewormed, fly-tagged, polled, and they are on a daily feeding program that optimizes their growth potential.

We believe that our selling advantage is that these heifers are used in our cutting horse training program, which means they are gathered and penned frequently using horses, making them gentle and easy to handle! However, if horses don't suit your fancy, then you'll be glad to know that all you have to do is shake a feed sack or honk your horn and these girls will come a'runnin'!

Our heifers are gentle, healthy females that are easy to handle!

We hope you will give us a call if you're looking for replacement quality heifers! We will be happy to show you what we have on hand, or it would be our pleasure to put together a set of heifers made to order! And one thing is for sure, once they are pre-conditioned through our program, they will be the kind of females any rancher would be proud to own.

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